Die IPA Griechenland stellt ihr neues IPA-Haus vor. Jetzt vormerken!

The Socio-Cultural Commission is pleased to announce a new official IPA House in Crete, Greece, dedicated to the memory of former IPA Secretary General, Georgios Katsaropolous. The new IPA House is comprised of three modern apartments with communal kitchen and living areas as well as a spacious outside area. The house is located in the touristic area of Chania, home to wonderful beaches, bars, restaurants, museums, archaeological sites and interesting night life. 


Full information on the new property will be available in the next edition of the IPA Hosting Book, and the House Manager, Mr Petros Tsiros, will start accepting bookings once the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Attached are a couple of photos showing the outside and one of the double bedrooms. (click to enlarge!)

IPA Haus Griechenland

IPA Haus Griechenland

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